Monday, February 18, 2013

Finding Mini Finn in the mail

In December a set of dear friends had to say goodbye to their old dog named Finn.  The friends took the very best care of him by making him homemade food for his finicky tummy.  They took him to the doggy chiropractor and treated with acupuncture when his back end collapsed.  The type of amazing people that every good dog should have!  When we got the call that Finn was no longer with us my heart broke knowing this was going to hurt so terribly bad with as much love that they poured in to caring for him.

A card or flowers would never do to send my condolences.  I sat there thinking for awhile and then I came up with this little guy, Mini Finn.  The idea was to make a Mini Finn patch that could be attached to something like a bag, pencil pouch or make him into a magnet for the fridge.

 I took a picture of Finn playing in the snow and did a little free hand rough sketch of his outline and areas of color.  I cut out the pieces from my makeshift pattern and then began to cut out the little pieces from scrap felt I had laying around.

 I glued together all of his pieces with permanent washable fabric glue and then sewed on little glass bead eyes for a little dimension.  The entire time I am sitting down working on Mini Finn I couldn't help but feel that deep down drive to make something that really expresses how much you love and care for your friends.  However my cooking and crafting are pretty closely correlated with about a 70% failure rate from their initial grandiose idea! If this one little item turns out completely hideous at least they know that this animal lover is sending all her hobbled crafty love via felt.

While the glue was drying I whipped together a little button closure bag with some left over flannel from an old pajama pants project.

Mini Finn was very lighted glued on to the bag so he could easily be ripped off and adhered to something else.  
The final picture turned out terrible without natural light to show the contrast in the dark colors but I was pretty pleased with the cartoon outcome.  So Mini Finn was finished just in time for Valentine's Day.  He received my well wishes and a little extra love as he went into the envelope with a hand made Valentine's Day card and mailed off to La Pine to hopefully draw a smile upon opening.  

A few days later I received a message "Finding Finn in my mailbox brightened my everything, xoxo".  Most Excellent! Love was received.  



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