Sunday, February 24, 2013

Glitter Crown-Shake and Make Princess Crown

Maggie Totally Red Carpet Ready

The Oscars are tonight and you know what that means.  Roll out the red carpet gowns and all the starlet styles!  In a few hours the girlfriends are getting together for a pre-Oscar pajama party gab fest complete with nail painting.  Childhood antics like this must be preserved.  Fight off those urges to take yourself too serious.  What is the anecdote you ask?  Your inner child screams, Glittered Crowns!  Yes, of course it all is so clear now!  

Grab your $1 crown from Target or your dollar store.  Dig into your supply closet for the Modge Podge, paint brush, gallon Ziploc bag and glitter of choice.  Rip off any unwanted pieces from your crown and then get to painting on the Modge Podge.
Paint on Modge Podge
Dump your glitter in the bag.  Throw your crown in there and shake it like you ain't got anything to lose!  

Let your crown dry for an hour.  Use that hour to do your hair, put on your favorite dress and paint your nails.  Or you could be lazy and prep for watching the Oscars by making a floor nest with all your fluffy blankets and pillows.  However, you need to wear the crown in the nest.  It is the only way to assert your fabulousness.  
Finished Reigning Crown

Much Diva Love-Jessie, stage name Ruby Furpants


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