Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentines Day-love struck arrows

I believe in showing those people around you that you care and love them just the way they are.

Caring is having your tea delivered to your desk at work from a colleague. Thanks Thomas for that today. Love is spending the extra two seconds to show your kitten that you love her with a head pet even though you don't appreciate her sitting on all of your morning cosmetics. No grand gesture needed but an honest outward display that you are thankful for someone. My girlfriend texted me this morning "Happy Anniversary" knowing that Sean and I made it through seven years together even with the imperfections but truly happy.

This year as a super fun project I made Cupid Arrows out of pencils, modgepodge, feathers and some scrapbook paper.

What I love most about the project is the flexibility to use just about any type of crafty item to replace the items you don't have.

I could have subbed out the feathers for felt or scrapbook paper. I cheated with a hot glue gun for the feathers but this could have very easily been kid friendly!

Happy Valentines Day!


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