Monday, February 25, 2013

Quick Fix for Broken Zipper-Thrifty Pillow

Confession....I love thrifting, junking and treasure hunting.  Nothing like the thrill of the find!  Every time Mackelmore's  "Thrift Shop" comes on I am ready to drop it like it's hot!  A wicked sweet anthem to pump me up like a jock jam as I roll out with $20 in my pocket.

These are two of my latest finds.  Goodwill, $3 price tag, no marks and great patterns, YES.  The couch needs a little frosting.  These pillows will punch it up perfectly in this dreary winter weather.

I wash everything and unfortunately the orange pillow's zipper closure broke.  No biggee, I can fix that but I'm going the lazy route.  Velcro squares.  Above are the supplies I used, Velcro squares with a sticky back and scissors.  I threw the fabric glue in the picture for those who wanted a really strong bond but the sticky backs were more than sufficient for me.  

First rip out the old zipper with a seam ripper and discard the broken zipper.  Next put the scratchy and soft side of the Velcro together so they stick to one another.   I then cut them in half because the zipper seam allowance was narrow so there was no need to waste the whole square when a half would do.
Place the Velcro halves down the length of the seam, one on each side so they match up when closed.

Make sure you think it through on the placement with these things in mind, spacing, puckering, does the scratchy piece have the soft piece on the opposite side to cling to.  I know it is silly but there are too many times I'm in the middle of a project and space out on the little details.

Place them along the entire length of the pillow and then  simply press the two sides together.  Another great option would be a long piece of thin Velcro to do the same thing but I didn't have it on hand so the squares will suffice.
It isn't beautiful but there are just some days that you don't feel like working with a zipper.  This took less than 5 minutes and will function the same to keep the pillow case closed.  

Scratchy Velcro Love-Jessie


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