Saturday, February 23, 2013

Scrapped Pillow-Chef Surprise

Chef Surprise Scrapped Pillow
Growing up when it came time for dinner and Mom didn't know what she was going to make she would say "Chef Surprise" was for dinner.  As little kids we would groan because we knew that she was using all of the left overs in the fridge to create a whole new meal.  As grown ups we LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it when Mom makes Chef Surprise.  That is how I kind of feel about my crafting when I don't know what I'm going to use but know there is stuff laying around the house that can be a resource.

Cut Fabric Squares Laid Out
The couch needs a third big pillow to snuggle up with.  In my fabric bins there are outdoor fabric scraps from a project I did two years ago.  I cut 6, 23"x8" pieces but you can make your own dimensions given the fabric you have available.  After the pieces are cut check to make sure patterned pieces look right with the pattern going in the same direction.
Three Pieces Pinned Together for Side One

 Once arranged how you like, pin the three pieces together with right sides together.  You will need to do this for each side of the pillow.
Pinned Pieces for Side One, Side Two Laid Out on Table

Sew the three pieces together and clip the string ends when done.  Iron down your seams so they look crisp once the pillow is fully assembled.  
Sewn Pieces for One Side, Non-Ironed
Iron down Seams
Once the two sides of the pillow has been assembled it is time to create the pillow case.  Put the two right sides together and pin all along the outside.  
Two Sides of Pillow Pinned Together

Clip Corners

Sew your seams closed leaving half of one side open for stuffing the pillow.  I used a 1.5"seam allowance using a straight stitch.  Clip the corners after sewing around the perimeter.  When you turn the pillow right side out the corners will have be crisp and square since the excess material isn't bunched up in the corner.  
Remove the Kitten from Chewing on Your Ankle
Next step is to get rid of the kitten that continues to chew on your ankle!  Crafting and Sewing is like Disneyland for pets with all the fantastic stringy things.  
Stuffing Pillow
Turn the pillow right side out and stuff your pillow with whatever fiberfill you have on hand.  I used an extra bed pillow that was freshly washed.  If you don't have brand new fill scrounge around the house.  The idea of homemaking is to be resourceful.  Quilting, Canning, Sewing, Scrapbooking are all products of ingenuity when faced with using your problem solving skills.  

Iron Down Seam in Remaining Open Space 
Pin Remaining Area Closed to Finish
The big 1.5" seam is going to come in handy when closing up the pillow.  That big of seam allowance is easy to work with.  Iron down the seam to match the rest of the pillow and pin sides together.  Now sew the opening close but sew close to the edge unless you plan on sewing around the entire perimeter to create a uniform look.  

To review, look around your house for material and supplies.  For material think of items that can be used as scrap such as freshly washed t-shirts, dress, pillow cases, curtains, pants, napkins and tablecloth.  For the fill look around at old bed pillows, couch pillows but be careful that the fiberfill has been cleaned recently.  Nothing worse than a stinky pillow.  Eeeewwww.  

Chef Surprise Love-Jessie


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