Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Storage Box Upcycle-Kitty Crunchies

Finished Kitty Crunchies Food Storage

Last summer I picked up an ugly colored tin on a junking adventure at one of my favorite junk shows, Vintage Gathering.  One of the fun challenges of junking is finding a use for your treasures.  I picked up this little number with kitty food storage in mind.

Spray paint is the Botox of the crafter's world.  $4 can completely cover a multitude of sins.

Stencil Supplies

After two or three coats of spray paint and 24 hours to dry it was time to stencil.  I pulled out my Martha Stewart stencils, permanent paint in ebony and sponge paint applicator.

Hold Down Each Side of Stencil

Before stenciling, draw a level line across the tin with a pencil that can be erased when done.  Space out where the letters are to be placed and make a mark again with the pencil that can be erased.  When applying the paint make sure to hold down each side of the stencil so the paint doesn't seep under the stencil.  

Let the paint dry and then erase the placement pencil marks.   Look around your house, flea markets, goodwill for abandoned items that can be repurposed to be a loved household item again.  

Much Kitty Crunchy Love-Jessie


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