Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Take me to Emerald City!-Glitter Shoes

Dreary February weather mixed in with a little glitter, Modge Podge and a set of old shoes gets me down right squirrelly!

The picture above is your master ingredient list
1) Cleaned off pair of shoes
2) Masking tape
3) Modge Podge
4) Glitter
5) Glass with water
6) Paint brush
7) Newspaper to lay down

Lay down the newspaper over your work area.  Tape off any section of the shoe you do not wish to be covered with Modge Podge or glitter.  My haphazard style means a lot of tape is used!  Start painting the Modge Podge onto your shoe over the desired areas.  After the shoes are coated start shaking the glittery goodness all over.  You might need to pick up your newspaper and pour the extra back into your glitter container to finish covering the shoes.  After the glitter has been poured all over the shoes it helps to shake off any excess that might be sitting on the surface so you can get a better feel for how much glitter has adhered to the shoe.  Make sure to stick your paint brush into your water cup because it will dry out quickly.

Here are the key elements to having a fabulously tacky pair of glitter shoes.  First you must let the first batch of glitter dry 24 hours.  I know you want to immediately dance around in them to Just Dance on the Wii but NO!  The next day you will see why.  After they have dried you will notice the inconsistencies in the glitter.  Over the lighter areas hit them with a little more Modge Podge and glitter.  Now let them dry for a few hours.  Once you are completely satisfied with your glitter job spray those Dolly Parton fashion pieces down with a clear spray paint to seal in the goodness.  It will help your shoes stay a little cleaner for a little longer.

Now walk into your favorite dive bar with these little jewels paired with a super cute pair of skinny jeans.  All of the old grandpas at the bar will compliment you.
Much glitter love-Jessie


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