Friday, March 29, 2013

Backyard Fire Pit-Recessed and Relaxation

Growing up Mom was always telling us kids to go play outside.  "Go play in the barn" was her go-to when the weather was nasty outside.  She raised us to be tough Pacific Northwest children.  With that goes the ridiculous want to be outside year round as adults.  When I purchased Buttercup, my little house, the backyard had one square concrete pad.  That's all.  Clearly that was not going to cut it since I have friends over all the time and partying is a must.  That is where the recessed fire pit comes into play.  

This by no means was my original idea.  I had seen the concept in a Sunset magazine where they were doing a piece on Oregon beaches.  There was this gorgeous fire pit sunk into the sand with big rocks surrounding it so people could get out of the wind and comfortably sit by the fire.  Zazing!  Of course no sand but the idea of a sunk fire pit would totally work to keep in the heat and provide a ledge for sitting.

My friend John...I really need to do a post on him since he helps bring so many of my ideas to life.  Where was I?  I showed my friend John this idea and asked if we could do it but with bricks.  I totally admit on some of these big projects I have no hand in the implementation other than being the idea person.  That is one of my strengths, implementation of ideas.  A three day project and one very happy party girl the brick patio and fire pit was ready to entertain!!

Here are some party pics!  

Happy S'more Love-Jessie


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