Monday, March 25, 2013

Bowl Cover Tutorial-Shoo Fly, Don't Bother Me!

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These bowl covers aint' yo momma's towel cover trick or great aunt's seven times around with the plastic wrap!  Get yourself right with reusable bowl covers.  There are many situations where keeping an airtight seal is not the main goal.  Washable bowls covers are for when you want to keep buzzing things away during a BBQ.  Maybe you have something sitting on the counter that you'd prefer to cover up.  How about the apples stashed away in the fridge? You answered yes to all of these and you've also opted away from wasting your plastic wrap on these items.

Go grab these items and a few hours.  Trust me you won't miss Design Star, Dancing with the Stars or American Idol that much.  Those two hours of tv didn't change your life last week so you're going to be okay skipping them this week.  

*Sewing Machine
*Measuring tape
*Elastic ribbon
*Bowls you want to cover
*Fabric-cotton, oil cloth or whatever you have on hand that is clean!
*Large safety pin

On the wrong side of your material trace an outline of your bowl lid.  Now Add 2 1/2 inches all the way around your outline.  If you are worried about your seam allowance make it a solid 3".  It won't hurt to add more because it just means it will wrap further down the sides when on the bowl.  Cut out your pattern.  

This is not the type of sewing project where finished edges need to be pretty since they will be underneath and scrunched up by the elastic.  There are two methods for creating a case for your elastic based on what type of material you are using.  

Oilcloth-Start sewing with the wrong side of the fabric up.  Pull over edge to make an inch wide seam like above and sew as close to the raw edge as possible.  What you are doing is making a casing for the elastic to be thread in.  As you are working around the circle, manually scrunch up the extra material from the raw edge.  Just go slow and you'll be fine.  Make sure to leave a one inch gap between your start and finish place so you can thread the elastic through.  

Cotton Fabric-For regular fabric baste stitch around the edge of your material with the longest stitch available leaving long thread tails.  Don't back stitch b/c you are going to be using those thread tails to gather your cotton material.  Once you've gone all the way around clip the thread leaving a long tail.  Now pull those thread tails till the material starts to bunch.  Test your work as you go until you reach the 1" seam width.  Just fold it over and if there is still a lot of slack material pull the thread tails a little more.  Once your material lays inwards nicely with a 1 inch width seam, pin it.  On your sewing machine flip your thread length back to regular stitch length and sew around the inner edge of your case keeping as close to the raw edge.  Make sure to leave a one inch gap between your start and finish place so you can thread through the elastic.  

After you have sewn around the edge check your work ensuring there aren't gaps (besides the intended 1" gap) where the material was missed.  In that case just sew around the inner edge again making sure to close up those gaps where originally missed.  

Okay you are ready to thread your elastic through the case you created.  DON'T precut your elastic.  Chances are you'll cut way too much elastic causing you to cut the leftover and waste precious elastic.  Other tip, if you think you'll be using a lot of elastic in the next year buy it by the yard because the small packages seem to only last me through a project leaving an odd amount too small for another project.  

Thread your large safety pin through one end of the elastic and snake it through the casing.  Once through, pull the elastic taught to where the edges start to fold inward.  Do not cut elastic yet.  Pinch the elastic with your fingers to hold that spot.  Now test the cover on the top of your bowl.  Is it tight enough that it fits comfortable around the rim of the bowl?  If it fits too loosely gather the elastic a bit more.  Once you've reached your desired fit clip the elastic end adding an extra 1 1/2.  Double knot the elastic ends.  Once tied, tuck those ends into the casing and head out to your picnic!

Much Under Cover Love-Jessie


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