Friday, March 1, 2013

Coffe Table Centerpiece-Household Roundup

Toolbox Table Dressing
What sort of centerpieces dress up the middle of your tables?  There are the usual crystal pieces, store bought flowers and expensive art.  How about the everyday items that are hiding on your shelves and in your cupboards?

The hand tools, wood ruler and tool box were picked up at a barn sale in Battle Ground for a couple bucks a piece.  My Dad loves old wood working hand tools so I initially picked up the pieces for his collection.  
Lola Checking out the Toolbox
 We thoughtfully bring items into our homes and lives every single day.  I want those everyday loved items to make up a centerpiece just as common and beautiful. Cheesy, I know.   Dig around to find your favorite mugs, cups, beloved paint brushes, colorful books, glass jars, special bowls and small items.  Now start playing around with a combination that looks and feels right for you.  Your home should be decorated just as uniquely and oddly as all the little quirks that make up your personality.

Household Round-Up Love-Jessie


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