Wednesday, March 20, 2013

DIY Clothes Pin Cover Up-Snap It To Me!

Cheery Sunburst Collection
Let's dig around the house and find what we can quickly give a little pizzaz to.  Okay there are rubber bands wrapped around chip bags.  Photos held up with tape.  A wrapped baby gift topped with a typical bow.  While digging I found my bag of wood clothes pins.  Hmmm, idea slowly forming....fading...damn you Girl Scout cookies..shut cupboard door.  Oh there you are IDEA.

Punchy Purple, aka Grandma Collection
You've got 10 minutes before heading out the door.  Go grab these items.  Quick
*Clothes pins ($1.79 at Target or Home Depot)
*Scraps, fabric or scrapbook paper
*Modge Podge
*Wax paper
*Paint Brush

Cut your scraps to fit the top surface on both sides of the clothes pin.  Lay down wax paper for the clothes pins to dry on once Modge Podge is applied.  

Paint Modge Podge onto the surface of the clothes pin, lay down the scrap and then paint over top of the scrap.  You want to paint the scrap top so it can be easily cleaned through it's many handy future adventures. 

Let em dry for an hour and you're done.  Now grab that chip bag! Throw the rubber band back in your desk.  Happily secure the top of the bag with your newly bedazzled clothes pins and deeply sigh with satisfaction at your completely non-essential craft project!  

Despite all of the girly colors this could be a totally manly project too.  I swear.  Boys always have tons of junk food that needs to be properly closed.  Here are some quick inspirations-Collegiate Colors (Go Cougs), camo, solid prints, NFL, NBA, MLB.  

Much Snap Happy Love-Jessie


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