Monday, March 11, 2013

Duct It Baby-Quickee Shower Curtain Repair

Duct It or F* It
Loving your home comes with all the little fixes in and out of the house.  A new shower curtain is only $3 but you already have duct tape in your tool box.

Tools For a Quick Fix
Save yourself a trip to the store by making-do with a simple mend.  Wash and dry your existing shower curtain on the gentle cycles.  

Once cleaned and dry, lay out your curtain and start applying half of the tape along the front following the top seam just below the rings.  

Press Down One Half of Top Along Front
Press second half up and over the top, pressing the remaining half on the backside.  

Use hole punch and puncture through the duct tape where existing holes are placed.  

Takes less than 5 minutes!

So Bright and Springy!

*Ensure there is no residual moisture on the curtain before adhering the tape
*Make sure to firmly press the seams down to prevent moisture from getting under the tape once hung back up in the shower

Duct It Loving-Jessie


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