Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Easter Candy Centerpiece-Hippity To the Hip Hop

Hip Hop Easter Centerpiece!

More Peep love.  For those who didn't use all their Peeps on the PeepWheels.  How about a random candy decoration!

-Trifle Bowl
-2 packs of Peeps
-Small bowl
-3 packs of jelly beans
-1 giant chocolate rabbit

Edible candy centerpieces are just about as green as you can get.  Place one packet of peeps around the edge of the trifle bowl.  To take up some space in the middle place a small bowl upside down.  This will save you on buying extra bags of jelly beans as filler.  

Throw in two bags of jelly beans.  Place remaining packet of peeps around the edge of the top of bowl.  

Throw last bag of jelly beans to fill in around top peeps.  Add chocolate rabbit to centerpiece by nestling into top layer of beans.  

Happy Hip Hop Love-Jessie


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