Friday, March 22, 2013

Peep Decor Idea-PeepWheels

I love Peeps.  Always have.  Loving Peeps has always given me an advantage at Easter.  I can only imagine your confusion but here is the deal.  No one wants to eat them which reaped me all the rewards of everyone else's poor taste in candy!
Hello Bunny Peeps
Admittedly so, I can only eat a four pack at a time but they are so fun.  The Easter aisle at Freddy's presented a huge pack of peeps at 99 cents.  Sold.  I get them home and after many minutes of thinking how to display these little cheap wonders I came up with an idea short of creating a gingerbread house with them.  Yumm, a whole house of Peeps.

*Scrapbook paper
*Wood stick or straw
*Hot glue gun and sticks

Last summer a bunch of girlfriends came over to the house to help me build over 70 giant pinwheels for my upcoming wedding.  The pinwheels were so brilliantly colored and fun to make.  So the idea of adding a Bunny Peep in the middle tipped my glee level wide open!  

Cut a giant square and then cut lines from each corner going towards the center.  Stop cutting about an inch short of hitting the center.  You will end up with what looks like four giant upside down triangles connected in the center.  Take the left corner of each triangle pulling it to the center and hot glue down.  

Once the glue is dried, flip over the pin wheel and glue your straw or wooden dowel on the back.  This pinwheel will not spin.  

Flip back over and attach your Peep using the hot glue gun.  The Peep will heat up like a marshmallow over a fire so you have to just be patient while the glue and Peep cool off.  If you try moving the peep it will get messy quick.  
Peep added to back side of Peep-Wheel
There is no wrong way to decorate your Peep-wheel.  Put the peep on the back.  Add embellishments.  Pin down all corners to the center.  

*Use a heavy duty straw or opt for a wooden dowel or wood skewer

Happy Peep Love-Jessie


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