Monday, March 4, 2013

Scrapped Sleeping Mask-Get Your Beauty Rest

 If I haven't receive at least 7 hours of sleep for the evening you best expect my cranky pants to be hiked pretty high the next day.  Unfortunately I am also a highly sensitive sleeper.  That means I throw on a sweet sleeping mask and ear plugs so I can dream of unicorns and squirrels wearing clothes!  
Sleeping Mask Made Out of Scraps
 Go ahead and treat yourself to a good nights rest ensured with a nicely fitting sleeping mask!
Here is what you'll need:
-2 pieces of fabric -8"height x 14" wide
-sewing machine

*Tip* Choose thick or dark enough material that won't allow light through
*Tip* Choose material that breaths such as cotton
Put Rights Sides of Fabric Together
Cut two ovals out of your fabric pieces.  The dimensions I used were 14" wide and 8" tall to compensate for the seam allowance.  

*Tip* Place eye mask over face to ensure it covers enough area around your eyes.  

Pin Elastic to Right Side of One Piece of Fabric
*Tip* With the one side pinned try on the face mask to make sure it isn't too tight

Measure your elastic head band piece by measuring around the back of your head from the middle of one temple to the other.  Pin down your elastic piece on one fabric side.  Put the two right sides of fabric together and sew a straight stitch around the perimeter.

 Leave a two inch opening to turn your fabric right side out.  Once sewn take out the pins and flip your fabric right side out. 
Iron around the outside of your eye mask so the seams lay flat.  Now iron the remaining opening close with the seam allowance pressed inside and sew the opening close.  
Maggie Ready for Her Beauty Sleep
Feel free to bedazzled, button and embellish to your little hearts content.  

Sweet Sleepy Love-Jessie


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