Friday, March 15, 2013

Show Me Some Leg Timbers Army!-Sweater to Leg Warmers

Bury Me in Green and Gold
I think it is safe to say that Portland is very much a soccer city and we love our team the Timbers.  The participants in the Timbers Army are absolute nut jobs fanatics.  I've received calls from friends camping out the night before to get in.  I've witnessed grown men with their tiny infants strapped in baby carriers to their chest with the baby wearing adult size noise canceling head phones, stocking cap and sunglasses.  Yeah, that's just how we roll.

Cut Sleeves off Sweater

A girlfriend came to me a few weeks ago with a handful of patches and a few old sweaters with upcycled leg warmers in mind.  What a great way to show off your Timber pride!  I love a great pair of leg warmers.  

When making a pair of leg warmers think about the stretch in the sweater and its ability to stay up on your leg.  Slouchy leg warmers are no fun when they are around your ankles all the time.  Quickly cut the sleeves off at the top of the sleeve by the shoulder creating an even top for your leg warmer.

Tracing Patch for Placement
Throw your leg warmers on to see how you want your patches arranged.  After you've got it figured out start outlining the placement with your fabric chalk or pencil.  

Wax Paper Around Boot to Protect Against Glue

I used a two step process to permanently place the patches.  I first glued them and then stitched them in place.  The gluing isn't necessary but April wanted to wear them to the game the next day so we were looking for a quick fix.  Unfortunately the glue took too long to dry in the center of the patch to be used within a 24 hour period.  
Leg Warmers over Boots

You are going to want to put the leg warmers on some sort of mold to make sure they are stretched to leg size to prevent odd bunching once the patches are placed on. So if you are going the gluing route, wrap a pair of boots with wax paper to protect your boot from glue seeping through.  

Now just start gluing away.  I used E6000 glue but the hold was very temporary! Grab some safety pins as you head out the door to fasten the patches in the case the glue gives away.  

Ohh So Patch Perfect
If you want to go the extra mile you can sew on your patches but make sure to use a heavy duty leather needle on your sewing machine.  Patches are really thick with that plastic back holding the stitching in place.

Timber Bella!


Much Timber Love-Jessie



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