Friday, March 8, 2013

Stencil It Manly-Whiskey Swagger T-Shirt

Wicked Manly Gift!
Crafty Wonderland last Christmas had one of the art schools recruiting in a booth.  One of the featured pieces they brought from the school had a message something about Whiskey, Swagger and Sleep.  I can't remember the specifics but it sent me into a giggle fit instantly.  I knew the saying had to be used sometime but I just needed to wait and strike at the right time. 
Mark Down Letters with Fabric Chalk or Pencil
Why not a thoughtful and quirky Valentine's Day gift to the weirdo in your life!  Yes, this will be perfect.  I grabbed an under utilized grey t-shirt in his size, got out my straight edge and laid out how I wanted the words to read.  Working with letters and stenciling sounds fun at first till you get to the nitty gritty.  There are a lot of calculations.  
Make Sure the Words are Evenly Spaced
With a pencil or fabric chalk draw light lines across your t-shirt using a ruler or straight edge ensuring they are level.  Next organize how many words are going to be on each line.  Measure out the distance that each letter takes up.  I did this by measuring a stencil letter from the stencil I was using. You will be able to more accurately space your letters as your are stenciling since you are able to see your last stenciled letter in the stencil next to the current letter you are using.  Now lay out your words by marking them down on the t-shirt with a pencil or fabric chalk.  It is your choice whether you want your words aligned, left, center or right.  

Now that your letters are laid out it is time to stencil.  Put a sheet of paper, wax paper or cardboard between the two t-shirt layers to prevent the paint from seeping.  Take your stencil and start lightly sponging your fabric paint through the stencil letter ensuring to hold down the sides on the letter you are stenciling.  I used Tulips fabric paint in Ebony and a little sponge brush I found in the fabric paint and embellishment section at Joanns.  Take your time as you are working through this to check your work.  You don't want it to smear.  
Penciled and Painted
Now that your project is complete you need to let the paint dry for 24 hours before washing the pencil and chalk marks off.  After the paint has cured it is time to wash your t-shirt by flipping the t-shirt inside out and setting the machine on the gentle cycle with just a little bit of soap.  After dried flip it inside out to check if it survived.  Touch it up if it needs a little help but hopefully you are able to just wrap it up and present it with a big smooch!  

Swagger Loving-Jessie


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