Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Bathroom Tiling with River Stone-Be A Life Long Learner

River Rock Tiling Above the Bathroom Sink
In every relationship you need to dig deep and ask yourself those hard questions.  Am I committed to continually put time and effort into maintenance this relationship with my absolute best effort.  Your living arrangement is just the same.

Frankly there are a lot of homeowners that if they asked themselves the hard questions of the ongoing maintenance issue they might be better off renting.  I understand that everyone has their own definition of necessary but we are talking about the basics, roof, plumbing, electrical and paint.  There are always a ton of excuses for not taking care of an issue on your home but at what point do you stop ignoring your house and deal with the issues so a divorce doesn't happen because of the overwhelming issues that seem to crop up over night.  House wants you to spend more time with it and all you want to do is sunbathe in the backyard.  Your house will implode on it's end of the relationship if you don't love it back.

Growing up we have all seen the little old couple tootling around their yard and garage.  Grandma is sweeping the sidewalk.  Gramps is hauling his small tool box around tinkering on things.  We all know one old couple like this and their homes are not multi-million dollar homes but you would never know that given all the love and care they put into their residence.  When Grandma and Gramps started out they didn't know how to do basic maintenance stuff but they learned as they went.

Being a homeowner doesn't mean you have to do everything yourself if you have the money to pay someone else.  However, many homeowners are not in this situation.  So I say be a life long learner in loving your home.  This doesn't mean you aren't going to burn a few things down or break some stuff.   With earnest effort to learn from these situations, success will follow especially when you look back on your long term commitment to give it your best.

Okay with all that being said this is a superficial spruce for the home.  HA!  Like a new shade of eye shadow!  Last spring the bathroom was renovated with AMAZING floor to ceiling shelves, a vessel sink and reclaimed barn wood countertop by my good friend John.  When put all together my little heart swelled with how great it came together but it was missing that oomph.  This is where learning to tile presented itself.

I don't have an amazing camera to get the wider angle to include the shelves on either side of the sink.  This is just a shot of the wall behind the new sink and counter.  It is a little lacking.  

The bathroom has kind of a summer cabin feel so I thought river rock would look super cool on this wall.  I'm thinking, I know absolutely nothing about tiling and do not have any of the tools.  The more I thought and the more I built out the idea in my head I decided that learning how to tile was absolutely necessary.  
River Rock Tile without Grout
After many articles read online about tiling I was armed with a supply list when storming Home Depot!  The danger of attacking something new and permanent in your home is down right thrilling!!  Kind of like running naked around the block after drinking too much.  Consequences are imminent.

Grout Applied and Extra Wiped Away
Many, many frustrating hours later I was thoroughly pleased with the end result.  I also realized that I do not like to deal with river rock because it is like working with a giant unstructured puzzle.  Not my steez.

What I will say is that Buttercup (my home's name-she's yellow and adorable) is thankful for all the love I put into our relationship even if it was just a new shade of eyeshadow (river rock tile).  

Sweet Giant Vessel Sink

There you are.  Love the one you are with.  Learn to love your home if you choose to be a homeowner so your home will love you back.  There are too many YouTube videos and websites like This Old House to ignore what a little research can solve.

Love Happy Homeowner-Jessie


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