Monday, April 8, 2013

Best Ever Banana Carrot Muffins-It's Bananas, B.A.N.A.N.A.S!

I really, really like decorating throughout the holidays.  Cooking with a holiday in mind is also super fun for me.  What is it that entertains me so much?  I don't know but it lies somewhere in the fact that there is a challenge buried.  I envy those people who love simple recipes, clean lines and uncluttered homes.  I walk into those homes and think "oh crap...don't touch a thing Jess because you will break something."  Where people walk into Buttercup and think "oh crap, I can't move without being touched by all this seasonal decor!"  Gotcha Sucka!  That Easter Bunny just grazed an arm so you're definitely going to catch the fever. 
Banana Carrot Coconut Cupcakes/Muffins
This year my girlfriend, Bethany and I made these super delicious cupcakes from How Sweet It Is.  Though they have more of a tween density of a muffin and cupcake but lacking any oily residue.  If you have some overripe  bananas hanging around and want a quick recipe check out Jessica's food blog, How Sweet It Is.  Her sassy humor pairs perfectly with her really creative recipes.  

The recipe calls for coconut oil instead of veggie oil.  If you haven't used coconut oil before it comes in a solid more like lard or really hard butter so it needs to be warmed up before adding it to the rest of the ingredients.  Bethany caught me before I threw the hot coconut oil in with the egg pointing out it will cook the egg if it doesn't cool down.  My impatience leaves little wonder to my 70% failure rate with new recipes.

Toasted Coconut
I meant to bring the muffin cakes to work but my laziness to bike in with frosted cupcakes won over so I settled to eat my half of the batch.  I didn't even share with my neighbors or split one with the dogs.  Yeah, all of them but Maggie did snatch a muffin liner out of my hand almost taking a finger!  I think her enthusiasm to thieve was enough proof to receive 5 stars!    

Toasted Coconut Love-Jessie


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