Monday, April 29, 2013

Dog Fence-Beast Be Gone

Roped Fencing
Maggie and Bella greet everyone that walks past.  Which is a million times a day since we live 8 houses from the dog park.  Their biggest weakness are the delivery men.  All of the delivery men love our girls, giving them treats.   Unfortunately that means the girls trample every plant in their path in attempt to kiss and lick the visitors.  What I need is a big dog proof fence that allows me to continue to garden and doesn't cost a ton.  

One Failed Barrier

I have tried makeshift solutions like slatted wood units and rope stapled to boards.  

So Many Dog Trampled Plants
This year called for a real solution because it isn't fun to get mad at the girl's just because they want to greet everyone.  Last growing season they ruined over $180 worth of plants.  Boo!


We purchased 2x2 posts, drill bits, rope, clamp set and eyelet screws.  

Pre-drill Holes Before Placing in Ground

 Holes were drilled in the boards for the rope to be thread through.  Then the posts were pounded into the ground with a hammer.

Hammer Posts in Ground with Heavy Hammer

The rope was thread through, clamp sets tightened down and ends tied through eyelet screws.  

Finn's Spot In Shade

The fence turned out great and all for under $50!  

Now the test will be this summer with all the increased traffic.  Wish my poor little plants better luck this summer.  

Happy Plant Love-Jessie


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