Friday, April 19, 2013

No-Sew Book Recover with Duct Tape-Duct It

Quick No-Sew Duct Tape Book Recover
My mismatched photo albums have been making funny faces at me every time I sit down on the couch.  Don't get me wrong, I don't spend a lot of time sitting down so it isn't like mismatched photo albums tear me apart!  If that is as bad as life gets I am doing friggin awesome!  However, it was time to recover the photo albums and a no-sew duct tape project is all I have patience for since I love printed photos and have a ton of photo albums.  To my defense with the rapid changing technology most of my photos are from my wild college days.  Thank god for no Facebook during my WSU years.  

Mismatched and Mess-tastic
Chalk or Pencil
Duct Tape

This project will take you less than 7 minutes from start to finish with each book.  First iron your material if it is wrinkly.  

Trace Along the Outside
Lay your photo album open on your piece of material and trace two inches out on all sides with your chalk or pencil.  Cut out your material along the chalk or pencil outline.

Fold Material Under

Fold under the top and bottom of your material so it is flush with the photo album.  You will not be duct taping the top and bottom unless you really want to.  There is no need to since you will not see those edges.

Double Fold Right and Left Side of Material

On the right of the book fold the material in half so that the raw edge is flush with the end of the book.  Now fold the piece of material again so it overlaps the end of the book by about an inch.

Cut a piece of  duct tape the length of the end of the book.  Apply it so half of it is on the material and half of it is on the photo album.  Repeat this on the left hand side.  It doesn't matter which side you start with.  

Before you tape the opposite side make sure the material is pulled taught so it doesn't sag.

Feel free to get creative.  Add ribbon, stamp, buttons or just leave it super manly.

I learned from my college boys in the construction management program that using duct tape to finish something is the pinnacle of masculinity.  So leave that girly crap off if you're helping out a dude.  Again, not that dudes recover books together.
Before, Oh Burn My Eyes Out!
 Let alone read a tutorial on how to recover a book using duct tape.

Oh so cute, I mean masculine!

Masculine Duct Tape Love-Jessie


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