Monday, April 1, 2013

Pantry Built In-Grandma's Throwback!

My Great Grandpa Carl canned thee absolute most delicious peaches.  My Grandma Judy makes scrumptious freezer jam.  My mom cans the best beef stew you've ever pulled off a shelf!  I picked up canning six years ago.  My first solo canning batch of raspberry jam was my gateway drug!  
Green Tomato Salsa
When I bought Buttercup the laundry room consisted of a really large awkward closet in the back.  What my imagination saw was a huge opportunity to put in my dream of an old school pantry to hold all of my canned goods and food staples.

Inspirational Spark from Country Living
Okay so this is where my heart started.  I didn't end up with something this cutely organized but I found a good fit for me.  The pantry was the first project that John my handy man and friend helped me tackle after I purchased Buttercup.  The laundry was gutted and the magic began!

Build Out of Old School Pantry
The multi-tiered shelving built on one wall.  Smaller shelves on top, deeper shelves to hold baskets on bottom.  It's funny looking back at these pictures and my choice of colors.  Why so dark Jessie?  I clearly need a color specialist to help this squirrel!  
Laundry Storage Shelves
To add more space for canning supplies, jars, canisters and small kitchen items a wrap around shelf was added to three sides of the room. 
Wrap Around Storage
Think about all the possibilities an open pantry can serve.  You don't need a special closet space for it.  Maybe you have an open wall in your kitchen, laundry room, back porch or wide hallway.  Without a huge remodel there are affordable options.  At Home Depot grab a metal multi-shelf unit for a makeshift pantry.  With a little more effort you can design a quick custom pantry with the combination of single shelving units and baskets.  The single shelving unit option is great for smaller or awkward spaces that can't accommodate a large shelving unit.    

Stocked Up
As much as a I love the scalloped edging on my inspirational picture I could always stencil on a scallop which would be wayyyy cheaper and easy to paint over when my squirrelly tastes change.  

There is even enough leftover room on the wall to hang my drying racks, spools of thread and ribbon.  I like to keep the things I use the most closest to the door to the kitchen.  

Left Side of Pantry Shelves
The top left side holds my spices, vinegars, cooking oils, sauces, jams and tomato sauces.

Repurposed Bottle Carrier, Now Spice Rack

The buckets hold chips, potatoes, onions, garlic, food processor, blender, plastic wraps, parchment paper and tin foil.    You know the stuff that you don't want cluttering up your kitchen counter but use all the time!

Canisters from Camas Antiques

Canisters From Great Grandpa Carl
My highly coveted items are my mismatched canisters from my Great Grandpa Carl.  They are very well loved with scratches and dings.  They represent how good a human being can be on the inside as a reflection of how he lived his life.

Canisters from Auntie Lorie
These canisters on the other hand represent my Auntie Lorie and how funny a person can be without ever putting someone else down at the expense of a joke.

Right Side of Pantry Shelves
The top right shelving holds canned stewed tomatoes, relish, salsa, crackers and food staples.  The bottom baskets hold my prized hot dog roller, dog towels, picnic essentials like plates, cups, tablecloths.

A lot of the stuff on the right is what we use often during the summer.  Once the nice weather hits the pool is being used non-stop along with a ton of BBQs.  

Kitchen Access Door with Coat Rack

The pantry is where the girls have access to come in an out of the house through their doggy door. 
Kitty Food and Bread Box
I covered all of the shelves and surfaces with oil cloth for easy cleaning.  The top of the washer and dry has an oil cloth covered board which is home for the kitty feeding station.  It should be called the plump kitty feeding station because Milly is a fatty.  Totally my fault, I know.  I painted an old tray then covered it with oil cloth to contain all of the spilled kitty food.  The bread box houses the small items that are hard to keep organized like light bulbs, plastic gloves, laundry bleach pens and stain sticks.

Cookie Cutter Collection
The top storage shelf is really the sleeper here.  I holds so much extra items and keeps the rest of the room very open.  I store my jars, cookie cutters and seasonal housewares up there.  
If I was to do things over the absolute only thing I would change would be my paint choice.  Beige, we have never been in love so why did we fall into this relationship?  

Much Pantry Love-Jessie


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