Friday, May 31, 2013

Crafty Wedding Weekend-DIY Wedding Style

Matron of Honor and Me Painting in the Sun
I am getting married this upcoming September.  Last October my mom, fiance's mom, aunts, girlfriends and mom's of my girlfriends spent an entire weekend helping me with what we coined the Crafty Wedding Weekend.  My love to be prepared and craft came together in one magical weekend of happiness and giggles.

Crafty To-Do List
That weekend was epic for me.  I love crafts, lists and my girls.

Left to Right-Alison, Sue and Me
My matron of honor surprised me by showing up with her sister early Saturday morning with absolutely no notice.

Auntie Carla Hosted the Party at Her House
Auntie Carla had drinks but surprisingly we were so busy crafting our little hearts out that no serious drinking happened.  Probably for the best because hot glue guns and scissors don't mixed with booze.

Mandie and Baby Henry
My bridesmaid, Mandie was a trooper and crafted the day away with her 5 month old strapped in front of her.

That saturday the ladies crafted 60+ tissue paper pom-poms.  The pom-poms are going to be hung from the barn ceiling in the shades of sea blue and orange.  Something like this is what I have envisioned.


They also made buntings but got a little silly half way through and put them on their head.  Look at those smiles!  The buntings are to hang over the main gate as people are coming up the driveway to the farm.  

The Craft Begins

Mercury Glass Hurricanes
Auntie Carla did a mercury glass finish on all of the hurricanes.  Here is a great tutorial on creating a Mercury Glass finish.

Remodel Aholic

Directional Signs and Property Signs
Directional signs were painted to guide our guests from Battle Ground, WA up to the farm in Yacolt, WA.  Fun signs were also painted to be placed around the farm the day of the wedding.  Last fall we went to our friend's wedding who had super fun signs on the property so we thought it would be great for both functional and aesthetics reasons.  

Jay and Katie's Wedding Sign

Making Tiaras
 For the wedding we are having flower children instead of a flower girl and ring bearer.  I love the idea of the chaos caused by a ton of kids running down the aisle throwing flowers.  So the kids have fun we made tiaras and fairy wings for the little girls.  For the little boys we decorated cowboy hats and made sheriff badges.  The little kids can dig through the treasure chest to dress themselves in the accessories they want.  No worries if the little boys end up in fairy wings and the little girls wear cowboy hats.

Come Sunday the girls worked outside helping me stamp out Thank You cards.  

Stamping Out Thank You Cards

It was a whirlwind of a weekend but so much was accomplished.  Coming together with a common purpose was a great icebreaker for the events and gatherings to come.  All of the love of friends and family coming together is exactly what a wedding is suppose to be about.   


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