Sunday, May 12, 2013

Moms Come In All Shapes and Sizes-Happy Mother's Day

Auntie Lori, Sean's Mom-Sue, My Mom-Mindy, Auntie Renee

My favorite quote on Etsy is "Home Is Where Mom Is".  I know not everyone has that same experience but for my family it rings crystal clear.  Let's face it, there are some terrible moms out there so knowing you have a winner of a mom means you have the responsibility to tell her every day how much she means to you.  

When I was in college and having a bad day,  I would call Mom and she would say this to me, "You feel that warmth around your shoulders?  That is me giving you a great big hug right now."  Great moms have that super human power to transcend space and time to be there with you so you are never truly alone.

Auntie Carla Doing a Mercury Glass Finish on Hurricanes

Last October all of my girlfriends, girlfriend's moms, aunts and moms came to Portland for what we called Crafty Wedding Weekend.  Sean's mom, Sue flew in from Shrewsbury.  Auntie Lori came down from Port Angeles. My mom, Mindy flew in from Juneau.  Everyone else was local but took their entire weekend to help me get a ton of crafts done for the wedding.  Great women no matter whether your mom or someone else's come together to support their chosen family that includes friends, kids of their friends and friends of their kids. 

Mom and Sophie

Above is a picture of my mom and her friend's daughter, Sophie.  Just last week Mom helped Sophie make a goldfish cake.  Mom does a ton of crafts with Sophie just for the fun of it so Sophie has as a creative outlet.  Who does that?  My mom does!

Auntie Carla
We all have those amazing moms in our lives.  The ones that open their home to you in the middle of the night and hug you as your heart is breaking when a relationship is failing.  

My Crew For Picking Out The Dress

The moms that laugh with you not at you, as you pick out your wedding dress because you chose to wear flaming pink underwear the one day you know you'll be trying on tons of sheer white fabric!!  

Sue and Mindy Being Goofy
Lastly the moms that know all of your idiosyncrasies, love you for it and give you the tools to succeed as the unique, quirky and sometimes strange individuals that we are.  They are partially to blame anyways!

Mom, thank you for letting me stay home from school one day every year just so I could plant all of my flowers in my garden beds.  It showed that you trusted me to be responsible with my school work and set me free to make my heart happy with being knee deep in pollen during high allergy season!  



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