Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Bottle Cap Drink Name Tags-Wedding Craft

Bottle Cap Name Tags
For the upcoming wedding mason jars will be the drink ware.  I scoured Pinterest for awesome drink tag ideas to aid people in identifying their drinks for the evening thus reducing dishes.  It all boils down to eliminating as much extra work as possible.  Pinterest had a gazillion great ideas but they all involved cutting, ribbons, stamping, printing which all left me wanting to pull my lip over my head and swallow.  Geez, way too much work.  Until I found the perfect solution, Bottle Cap Name Tags!

One Man's Trash is Another Man's Treasure
Four of my guy friends used to live together with the bottle cap opener mounted to the wall with a BIG bucket underneath to collect all the tops.  The boys saw this as a lazy way to collect all the garbage.  My little crafty brain saw this simply as a supply source!  Once the bucket was full I collected all the tops, washed them and stored them away for future crafts.

Wood Coins
All I kept thinking about the name tags was that they had to be durable.  Let's face it, this wedding is going to be wild, wet and there is going to be a ruckus!  Bring the Mother F%#king Ruckus!  Rummaging through my craft supplies I fumbled across random wooden tokens and the bottle caps when it hit me that these little pieces of junk were my solution!  A little paint, drill and rubber bands were my ticket!

All Purpose White Paint
-Bottle caps
-Sponge brush
-White crafter paint, $1.50 at Joanns
-Cordless drill
-Bright colored rubber bands

It's summer so grab your supplies, set up your goodies outside, grab a drink and get your craft on in the sun.  Lay out a sheet and start sponging paint on the bottle caps to cover the label.  

Let them fully dry.  Max time it takes is an hour.  

Once dry take the drill and punch through them to create a decent sized hole.  Make sure to place a board or a few magazines under your caps so you don't drill through your workspace.  Oops.   

Drill Holes

Taste the Rainbow!
Wind the rubber band through and you're done!  Zero costs out of my pocket! Huzzah!


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