Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Front Yard Vintage Sale

I started seriously junking three years ago after I bought my house.  Finally I had a space of my own to fill up with all sort of wonderful treasures that thrilled my little junk-loving soul.  

1928 Wedding Dress Package
The two big vintage shows that got me started were Barn House Boys and A Vintage Gathering in Battle Ground, WA.

I have collected, swapped and redesigned my house with all of my fabulous finds throughout the last few years.  

Unfortunately this last year I hit maximum capacity!!  No more junk could fit on the walls or shelves.  

What is a girl to do?  I couldn't possibly fathom slowing down the treasure hunting.

Instead of doing the impossible I made a compromise with myself.  


I could continue to dig for treasure as long as I put a yard sale on.  

That is exactly what I did.

The creativity and imagination was completely set free.  Oh man, did I turn into a wild woman.  

I tried my hand at refinishing a lot of furniture with milk paint and wax finishes.  

I junked through the nasty spring weather and set a date to throw a junk sale once my gardens were in full bloom to provide a pretty background.  

Raspberries Canes Providing a Lush Green Background

Auntie Carla joined me for the day with a bunch of her refinished items.  

Auntie Carla's Refinished Dining Set

The weather was gorgeous and the neighborhood interaction was awesome!!  I met so many neighbors and quirky personalities.  I loved it!!

I had two interactions that completely thrilled me.  Two grown siblings came by on their way to lunch and immediately started asking me about all of my plants and garden beds.  The best part is the brother rescues squirrels!!  

The second interaction were a grandma and grandpa that had been married for 61 years!!  The grandma tried to buy the cookies I had placed around and the way she smiled made me absolutely melt.  The tenderness in her smile was short of heartbreaking.  I sent her home with a bag of cookies.  When I refused money she asked to give me a hug in return for the cookies.  It made me instantly miss my sweet grandparents as I fought back the tears.  

I think I learned more about my neighborhood and neighbors in one day because of this sale versus the last three years of passive living among rows of houses and quiet living.  

For that I am thankful.


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