Friday, June 7, 2013

Homegrown Floral Recipe

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Your flower beds are like your closet.  There are a lot of odd things in there but with a little imagination they make great outfits.  Think outside of the traditional grocery store bouquets.  Think wild, natural, free flowing and curvatious, just like a woman's figure.  

Bouquet-Roses, Japanese Pepper Tree, Sedge, Columbine, Geum 

Grab a mix of things of items that have texture and color.  

Grab a container and a flower frog if you have one.  Flower frogs can be easily found at second hand stores and vintage shops but don't pay too much!  $5 and under is a good price.  

-pruners or scissors
-flower frog if available
-water holding container

You may not have a ton in your garden but I urge you to get creative.  The arrangement doesn't need to be symmetrical and floral shop material.  When I go to make an arrangement I make sure to keep an eye out for the non-obvious items like the evergreens or grasses that add the texture and filler.  Think Thrillers, Fillers and Spillers.  

Fillers-Japanese Pepper Tree Branches
For my Fillers I used the Japanese Pepper Tree which has petite little leaves in a nice upright frond form like a fern.  

Zonal Geranium
The Thrillers were a hodge podge.  I included a red geranium.  

The pink Geum was also added as a Thriller with their bowl like color dish.   

The yellow climbing rose is in bloom right now so a branch of that was added. 

The columbine was added as a Spiller.  Something that trails off to the side works to add that extra dimension that makes the bouquet pop.  

Just keep looking at the overall spacing of your bouquet.  How about a little help on the spatial reference on where to place the flowers.  Break up the bouquet into quarters and place a like item in each of the quarters.  Place a rose in one quarter and then switch it up by adding a geranium in another quarter.  

Add some sprigs of purple Sage for a Thriller. 

Throw in a few sprigs of grassy sedge. 

Flowers are suppose to be an extension of what you love, not a picture of perfection.  Choose what you love and never apologize for what you come up with. 


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