Friday, June 28, 2013

Milk Painted Desk in "Milk Pail"

Milk Painted Desk

So I totally love how this piece came out but I'm sorry that I was such a dummy and forgot to take a decent shot of it outside.  When I redo a piece of furniture I love the finished product.  However my favorite part is the before and after comparison.  

A couple weeks ago I picked up this dirty little number at a neighbor's yard sale.  The top was covered with contact paper and deeply gouged.  

Going through my milk paint collection I decided to go with the fabulous Ginger's Milk Paint in Milk Pail which is a fantastic bluish gray.  I didn't want to go too girly with yellow.  White just wasn't going to cut it.  

Maggie's Tongue Mark

As I was working through the painting process Bella and Maggie kept coming over to get my attention.  Fortunately milk paint is non-toxic because Maggie insists on licking the paint as she makes a pass to be petted.  

These sweet handles begged for a little fun and sophistication.

Rough up the corners with 100 grit sandpaper and call it done!

This piece would be awesome inside the home in the traditional capacity as a desk.  However I was thinking that it would be a wicked sweet outdoor planting bench.  The drawers could hold seed packets, small pots and hand tools.   In the chair space put a big metal tub to hold soil.  Oh I can just imagine how cute it would look outside with planted pots sitting on the top.  


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