Friday, June 14, 2013

Sun Proofing Outdoor Furniture Fabric

Prevent Fabric from Fading with a UV Blocker

I simply adore being outside.  It is a love affair that will never die regardless of the season.  When it is rainy outside I want to be under cover but still feel the fresh air on my face.  To be curled up on a cushioned chair under a blanket suits me just fine even when staring out into the drizzly rain.  When the sun is streaming I dig out the magazines and plop myself down with a drink.  This means I have a bunch of outdoor furniture covered in cushions.  

Outdoor fabric and cushions are so wicked expensive and after a few seasons those spending little numbers fade quick.  Just like fabulous young skin under the intense glare of the sun, it ages quickly if not properly covered in sunscreen.  Go to Joanns and purchase a fabric UV Sunblocker in a spray bottle for around $12-18.  They usually have it stocked next to the home decor fabric section.  It sounds spending but goes a long ways.  

Yeah, of course this sounds like a no brainer but we are not like our past generations where we took care of the stuff we own.  We are a consumption generation.  No preaching, I'm just pointing out that a little preventative maintenance goes a long ways.  Instead of buying a new $40 lounger cushion every two years I'd rather spend the $12 on uv spray.  Then buy a new cushion in 6 years, saving myself over $70 per chair over the same time period.  At the beginning of every season quickly wipe off your fabric and then spray the entire cushion with the UV Sunblocker.  Let it dry for 24 hours before using the outdoor item.  

You'll be so wicked happy with how many seasons your fabric will last!  Look MA, no age spots!!


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