Friday, June 21, 2013

Tree House Love

It's A Burl-between Grants Pass and Cave Junction, OR

I simply adore tree forts and outdoor escape structures.

Bean Stalk Fort-Pinterest
My families farm is riddled with dilapidated tree forts and hideaways from many years past.  All of the cousins had to build their own tree fort so when we would have nerf gun wars everyone would have their own kingdom or fortress to protect.  We never spent the night in our forts because Dad gave us one side of the hay loft to sleep in during the long school summer breaks.  Little kids still want the safety of being able to switch on lights and there is something very comforting by the sound of the horses below in their stalls.

What a Staircase!
When I was ready to purchase my first home I desperately tried to find a place with a big enough tree to where I could build a tiny little fort.  That didn't pan out but I am saving up all that tree fort love for the next home that will have a tree big enough!!

There is just something about being under a tree canopy looking down on the ground below that is magical.  

Small spaces with quirky little nooks to tuck things away.  All rules can be rewritten in a tree fort.  

Grand Daddy of All Tree Forts-Enchanted Forest, BC
Forts give us a quiet space outside of the home, free of common nuisances.  A little room to clear our head and dream with our eyes fixed on the sky or the leaves above.  

Seattle, WA
This little explorer never grew up.  I have to go now.  Need to go build something in a tree, somewhere.  Maybe I'll go back up to the family farm and redo one of our old forts.  Never stop exploring.  



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