Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A Vintage Gathering-We Are Going For It!!

After junking for 3 super fun years I decided to get a booth at A Vintage Gathering's vintage sale.  This has been such a great year of firsts so why not go for one more!  My Auntie Carla who did the Vintage Sale at my house jumped in with both feet to share a booth at the AVG show.  Add some cookies to the booth and we're going to have a fantastic day of people watching and passing the junking love to new peeps.  

Posing With My Super Serious, Big-Game Hunting Face!  Just Bagged a Crate!

My girlfriend Mary Lou has been my main partner in crime at all these past junking festivals.

Mary Lou's Idea Capture
We would go through the sales oohing and aahing at all the pretties.  

So many treasures that could tell a gazillion stories if able to talk.  

There were always three parts to going to these sales.  

Old Tablecloth Repurposed Into a Shoulder Bag

First-gather ideas on how to repurpose items.  

Second-spy out how to display our collection of treasures.

Third-And most important, spend some quality time together to run off all of our extra energy.  

With so many great experiences at this show I'm pretty stoked to try being on the other end of the show.    Maybe we'll gain some new friends!



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