Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Can't Sew a Straight Line? Sew, Do Something About It!

Beginners Sewing I

This year has been a year of firsts and saying "yes" to a lot of things.  Taking up sewing classes has been one of them.  I have always sewn but without any real training.  Mom got me started when I was in 7th grade with a few beginner dress patterns but the rest has been just reading the patterns, trial and error.  

In the spring it hit me that I wanted to get better at sewing.  Like that deep burning desire that finally pops you out of whatever rut you fell in to.  Well I put my big girl panties on and did something about it.  I signed up with the amazing Janet Corzatt with Palmer Pletsch Sewing School inside Fabric Depot.  

I started with the EZB, Elastic, Zippers and Buttons course.  That spiraled into taking the Beginners 1 course where we spent a tremendous amount of time practicing tons of techniques on an apron pattern.  

Even in the dead of spring I went with a super yummy candy corn pattern paired with a jack o'lantern pocket pattern.  Halloween here I come!

I loved the ladies in my beginner sewing class so much that we all signed up for the Beginners II course together.  

Beginners II
In Level II we built robes which was perfect timing because I chose to make a dressing robe for my wedding in the colors we chose.  

The comradery built with the other ladies was so much fun because of the vast diversity.  We have a set of twin sisters who are so funny to listen to, a lady my mom's age, a super sassy grandma and another mom who came into the class with the purpose of sewing her husband camo colored pants.  That husband picked out super soft flannel for his robe that was not camo.  He chose blue snow globes.   

Did you know that ironing your pattern pieces on low with no steam really helps when time to cut out the fabric pieces.  I have always been lazy so I never thought to iron the pattern pieces.  

Pocket Matched Up Perfectly With Pattern on Body of Robe

Yeah, this robe definitely doesn't follow the traditional bridal color line.  Let's face it, I'm tired of worrying about whether I follow the normal wedding cookie cutter.  

1980's Prom Dress Turned Bachelorette Dress!
The last class we took was the hem course where each individual brought a project to test out the different hem methods.  Two weeks before my guy friends and I got a little silly before a concert and wandered into the quirky and sensational vintage shop, Avant Garden on Belmont.  

The boys got carried away trying on odd things so I tried on this hot little number that has way too many ruffles to count.  

Needless to say many previously consumed drinks lead to the purchase of this dress.  However, 8 1/2" needed to be cut off from the bottom to make this a semi-functional party dress.  I learned how to use hem tape which only comes in the lace hem tape in the fuschia color.  

The look on my sewing group's faces were priceless.  The twins swear they've worn this dress.  The others were mixed of shock and horror.  I figured that why go super sexy when you can go super silly.  There will be no way to take myself seriously in this dress which is exactly what a bachelorette party is suppose to be about.  

Just look at all that I accomplished in 4 classes, EZB, Beginners I, Beginners II and Hems.  

Bring Da Ruckus!!

Think about it.  Learning a few simple sewing techniques is a life long skill that does not discriminate how old you are or where in the world you are. 


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