Friday, July 12, 2013

"Flow Blue" End Table-A Treasure Trove of Possibilities

Get My "Flow Blue" On With Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint

I love the fact that when Sean and I drive past a yard sale that he asks me if I see something that I can't live without.

 So many junky treasures, too little time!  Look at this little guy that I found last week!

Sand It BABY!

So Trashed!!  So much potential.

This piece had peeling varnish, stains on the inside and an uneven top.  

What I spy with my little eye are ornate handles with brassy green nooks and crannies.  

Miss Mustard Seed's Flow Blue is going to pair perfectly with this rough little number because of the super chippy nature of the paint.    Check out her awesome tutorials on milk paint.  

After wiping away all the sanding debris the magic starts to happen.  Mix up the paint for 5 minutes in a 1 to 1 ratio of milk paint to water and paint a coat of new life!

The weather in Portland has been super warm so it took no time for the paint to dry.

Within 2 hours the paint was chipping away true to it's sporadic nature.

The front part really repelled the paint while the back portion held onto the paint fairly well.  

With help of my trusty foam sanding block I went over all surfaces to slough away the peeling paint.  

Those foam sanding blocks work so well for light duty sanding on edges and details.  Which really heeds to my impatient nature.  

I have been playing around with alternative finishes to varnish and polyurethane.  My main focus has been working with soft wax as in these past tutorials for my farm table and matching farm table benches.  I wanted to try something new so I popped on over to my favorite hardware store Parkrose and picked up some tung oil.  

The application was super quick by just pouring some on a rag and rubbing the whole table down.  The draw back is that the oil is yellow in nature so would probably not be terribly desirable with lighter paint shades.  

However, for a super bright blue that tung oil worked just perfect.  I feel like it gives the old girl a little depth.  Think of the fantastic stashes of rubber stamps, board games or dog toys you could hide from site!  Don't you just love her!



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