Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Lost In Wedding Land

I have not been present at The Squirrel Jar lately. It isn't that I am being lazy but this wedding thing is sneaking up on me and most projects are not the super fun ones that I want to post about. 

Like the chaos of rototiling the garden and planting 46 pumpkin plants in the hot summer heat. 

However it is uplifting to see the progress a month later. 

It isn't fun moving buildings on the farm. 

But it is pretty cool to see the front of the barn all cleaned up now that the outbuilding has been moved. 

The mowing of 21 acres is a ton of work. 

Though when you have a great group of friends willing to take turns mowing every other week it warms the heart. 

Cleaning out the inside of the barn has been a chore and a half but knowing it will house dancing till the wee hours makes me super happy. 

The farm house garden beds are so over grown but watching my mom and auntie clean them and giggle the whole time was a riot. 

Only 54 more days to go and hopefully a ton of great posts come out of all those last minute planning, decorating and creating. Much love till then and I will try my best to keep a semi regular schedule of posting. 



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