Friday, July 19, 2013

New Life to Old Tins

Kitchen or Bathroom Canisters

Growing up Grandpa Jack and Grandpa Carl taught the cousins how to hunt.  Before we were turned loose with rifles Grandpa Jack would say, "Look for something that doesn't belong."  He didn't tell us to look for something large and brown with big ears.  With that simple saying it trained the brain to look beyond our perception of what was going on around us and open our mind to our extra sensory system.  I had always interpreted it as looking beyond the accepted view and dig deep to find something greater. 

I know, I know that sounds really odd but you guessed it, this also leads into creativity. Take mismatched cookie tins that you get at Christmas and Valentine's day and reconsider their possibilities. 

Step one-Use a little spray paint primer and then spray your current favorite color!

Maybe add some stenciled words?

Add a painted elephant to the top for some flare?  Sure, who doesn't love a circus to go. 

Those useless tins are now storage for toys, crayons, pencils, coins or whatever your little heart desires.  

Kitty Crunchies Storage

The best part it that those old cookie and candy tins are usually less than a dollar at yard sales and goodwill!  What is laying around that at first glance you deem useless?  Now dig deep, flip the idea on it's head and re-imagine what it could be!

Love Jessie


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