Monday, July 29, 2013

Wrap Up at A Vintage Gathering show

Thursday night was a mad rush to get everything together.  Checklist went: pack everything in cars, pack coolers full of water and munchies, put together tool kit for price tags and every other imaginable thing you would need in an emergency short of a flare gun, which was sitting idly by in the car.  

My girlfriend, Emily was my co-Tetris master in packing the cars.  Woohoo, did we pack a ton of goodies in two rigs.

Come Friday afternoon Emily, Auntie Carla and I drove out to Battle Ground, Washington and dumped all of those Tetris pieces off and then gradually rearranged them into meaningful clusters.  AKA, clusters of trying our absolute best at our first show.  

Slowly but surely everything started coming together.  The combinations were odd at times but we just kept rearranging till we were too exhausted to move it around one more frigging time!  Just kidding because that sort of stuff actually thrills us.  Weirdos!

Friday night my little cousin, Wyley showed up for a little morale support and humor relief.  Grandma Judy also showed up but she seem to escape all picture taking.  Elusive.  

Wyley and Auntie Carla Pacing The Booth

Auntie and Cousin-Love My Family

Wyley Goofing Around

Friday night went great for our first show but we were so tuckered out at a 8:45pm that we closed up and went home early by about 15 minutes.  These old ladies just can't party like everyone else.  

Next morning another girlfriend, Sue showed up before the show opened and helped me completely rearrange and set up for the day again!  I just couldn't believe all the great love and support we received!  Thanks Sue for all the fabulous help, such a lifesaver for those panicked moments.  

Auntie Carla Ready For the Day

Right before the showed opened back up Saturday morning one of the veteran vendors looked at me with wide eyes and said, "Get ready for the craziness".  Little did he know that my middle names are Crazy Ann.  Not really, it's just Ann.  

Saturday flew by and before we knew it we were packing up and heading home with weary heads.  

Three car loads to the sale and one load came home.  I call it a sweet, sweet success.  Thank you to everyone who came out for a little fun and a lot of gossiping!  



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