Friday, August 16, 2013

DandyLion Hello

Right after A Vintage Gathering I received the sweetest little email from Lindy Jacoby at DandyLion.  She just wanted to say that she loved our stuff from the show and to let me know she posted The Squirrel Jar on her lifestyle and design blog!


Whaaaatttt!!!  That's awesome!  I immediately jumped over to her website and instantly fell in love with her photos!  Did she know that fat orange kitties are practically my kryptonite?  There was a little mention at the bottom of her beautiful pictures with a wrap up of her visit to A Vintage Gathering and featured The Squirrel Jar as one of her favorite booths at the show.  How sweet is that!

After looking at her profile picture I completely recognized her.  Lindy had been walking around the show with a camera strapped around her neck and ever so politely asked me if I had a business card.  I gladly handed one to her and then she disappeared back into her group of girlfriends.  So much fun.

Head on over to her website to play around for awhile with all of the bright and beautiful photographs.  


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