Friday, August 23, 2013

DIY Facial Cleanser Recipe-Oil Pulling

The girlfriend, Alaina that gave me the recipes for the Homemade Laundry Soap and Homemade Deoderant sent me this amazing article on oil pulling as a facial cleanser.  It goes along the logic that our skin is oily but stripping our skin of natural oil is actually counter productive when using detergent like cleansers.  Instead of stripping your face of all the beneficial oil use a like product to clean your skin with items from your pantry for pennies.  

This is what Alaina had to say about the recipe after using it for awhile.  "I won't lie, it's not the acne miracle they say it is but my face is smoother, softer, and my acne heals faster with less dark spots. And I know exactly what is in it and its cheaper than any store bought."

Normal Skin-one to one ratio of Castor Oil and EVOO
Oily Skin-three parts Castor Oil to EVOO
Dry Skin-one part Castor oil to three parts EVOO

I couldn't agree with Alaina more.  I've been using it for two weeks now.  It took three days for my skin to adjust to using Castor Oil and EVOO.  I used a one to one ratio and mixed the Castor Oil and EVOO in a small bottle.  After a few good shakes the new facial cleanser is done!

I just rub the Oil Pulling Cleanser on my dry skin and rub it in for a minute.  Then I steam my face with a wet wash cloth and call her good. 

The dark spots on my face started healing and lightening within one week.  I noticed after day three that I no longer needed to use moisturizer.  Make up was applied more smoothly on my face and less makeup needed to be used given how moisturized my skin was. 

Dig into your pantry and give your wallet a break but most of all treat your skin to a little break from all the harsh detergents. 



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