Tuesday, August 27, 2013

DIY Wedding Garters-Grab Your Scraps

Can't find a garter that you like?  Or maybe you are in the boat where you don't want a complete DIY Wedding but want to make just one small thing.  Try your hand at making a garter from all of your crafty scraps.  

I started out by searching Etsy to gather ideas of what I liked.  Then I dug through my scraps of ribbon, buttons and material to see what I had.  What I was missing was some lace and trimmings.  If you are in  Portland you need to check out the Knittn' Kitten for their truly fabulous little selection of vintage and second-hand Fabrics and Notions.  I just absolutely love this place when I need just a little something.  For five dollars I walked out with a handful of different laces, elastics and ribbons.  Their prices are absolutely not to be beat!

Sew On The Elastic

I stretched the elastic and stitched it onto some fabric that I wanted to use.  The elastic was roughly measured by using a fabric measuring tape around my thigh and then subtracting 2 inches so the band would be nice and tight once all sewn together.  If you don't want to mess with adding elastic just get a stretchy lace to use as the garter and then add icing to it.  

Add The Trim
Once the elastic and trim is sewn on just put the two ends together with rights sides facing and run a straight stitch across the end to create a band.

Start to layer the embellishments by building your base.  I made burlap leaves.  

Then I thought maybe I wanted a little burlap flower.  Twist the burlap and then wrap it arounds itself and secure with a needle and thread through the middle with a couple of stitches.  

Maybe a pearl strand?  

Nah, maybe not.  It kept falling out on the first one so I said the heck with it.  I threw a few buttons on there and cut out the embossed flower from the left over wedding dress material.  

Tweak, rearrange, replace and mess everything up until it looks the way you want it to.  Make sure that you try on the garter to ensure you have the placement of your embellishments correct.  

Do you have a slender wedding dress or a big poofy one?  Just keep in mind you don't want an awkward bulge if you get carried away with bedazzling your garter.  

Honestly, sometimes less is best.  I craft just like I cook.  Too much of everything!!

See, now wasn't that super fun!  Don't forget to make two.  One to toss and one to keep.  You also just put at least $20 back in your pocket!



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