Tuesday, August 6, 2013

I Spy With My Little Eye Something In The Garden

Squash Bloom
Accidentally I let nature takes it's course in the garden after I planted.  

Self-Seeded Tomatoes
I honestly planted only 6 tomato plants in the right bed but the heirloom tomatoes from last year keep reseeding themselves.  There are tomatoes that found their way into the backyard!

Pumpkin Seeking Other Young Available Plants To Party

The pumpkin plants have gone rouge and are joining the raised garden beds to the bordering floral garden beds.

I am usually such a control freak in the garden with constantly clipping the extra tomato limbs off, staking the plants and worrying if they are getting enough of sun, water, food.  

Not worrying this year.  Summer 2013 has been such an extended party season that I haven't made time to fuss.  Truth be told, while I don't think my tomatoes are coming on fast enough I couldn't be happier.  However, I can't find the beans, peas, kale or spinach!!

Marigolds Playing Hide and Go Seek
Part of the gardening spirit is some years you just have to go with whatever is happening.  This year the garden has gone native on me.  So I am being patient since I plan on doing nothing about it to see what happens.  

Perhaps nothing will fruit and 2013 will be the year I grew super healthy plants that took up a ton of space.  Cross my little fingers that doesn't happen though.  I spent too much time watering to grow huge non-vegetable producing plants.

Turn Red You Little Tomatoes

With a true gardeners spirit of optimism I have a sneaking suspicion that I'll be surprised and delighted at how much this year's garden produces.  Once the fall calms down and everything is ready to be harvested the canner and pressure cooker will come out and I'll be back at it, preserving my summer's labor of love or lack of attention!  

What is your gardening style?  Are you consistent or does every year alter with what is happening in your life? No matter what, the important thing is that you are continuing to learn and play with whatever you choose to plant in your garden.  



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