Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Oswego Antique Fair-Wrap Up with Sue

Sue and Her Booth at Oswego Antique Fair

3 years ago this lovely lady got me into junking!  Sue and I worked together at Smith Barney but when Citigroup sold us to Morgan Stanley it was time to jump ship to another firm.  We keep up through happy hours and catch up on the latest junking festival coming to town.  

This year both Sue and I had reached our capacity of junking for ourselves.  She signed up for a booth at Oswego Antique Fair put on by Sixpence Antiques and Gifts in Lake Oswego.  I signed up to have a booth a few weeks before at A Vintage Gathering.  Remember Sue from the fair wrap up post?  

Sue so graciously helped me set up the second day of the show and then dropped me off the post card for the show she was doing.  Well of course I had to go!

Sixpence Antiques put on the cutest little vintage fair.  The space was very cozy but filled with all sorts of treasures!  These shows all have a little different feel and eclectic set of treasures.

The rustic feel was there but it definitely had more antique items with slightly higher prices.

I walked away with two little treasures.  One was this large rose stamped leather purse.  Ignore the whiskers at the top of the page.  Milly was loving the photo shoot.  My second treasure was a french porcelain flower holder in the shape of a turtle from Sue's booth.  I just adore him but I don't have a photo because it is up at the farm in my wedding supplies.  Boo, I know.  

It was super fun looking through Sue's treasures as a unique peak into someone's personality. She had fantastic leather purses from the 20's which I had never even seen.  So ornate and beautiful!

If you get the chance I would highly recommend stealing away an hour to visit the fair next year.  Visit Sixpence's website to keep up on their current events.



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