Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Sassy Groomsmen Gifts-Paint Pen Mugs

A Little Liquor and A Lot of Laughs

Need a special gift for your Groomsmen?  Here is one that is wildly affordable, can be constantly used and is very personal.  Whether you have a DIY Wedding or a fully purchased Wedding package these personalized mugs will be noted even if by just a high five for those especially reserved guys.  

There are some pretty sweet perks that come from being at the back end of your pack when it comes to getting married.  There are tons of left over wedding items that everyone offers you to use for free or close to it.  If you've been in enough weddings, Hello "27 Dresses", you observe and experience a ton of do's and don'ts.  

A year ago one of my friends at work got married.  One day he was searching for something handmade and special all over that fantastic little site you may have heard about....Etsy, of course!  When I asked him why he was searching so hard he explained to me that he wanted to surprise his bride and her bridesmaids with a wine charm with their name that they could use on their wine glasses while getting ready.  How frigging sweet is that!  Dan, you are so very thoughtful even though you probably hate that I am announcing this.  Gotcha.

Paint Pens for $3.99 at Michaels

In the same spirit of our upcoming nuptials I started searching for something that I could surprise Sean and all his boys with.  I found some mugs that had really inappropriate yet wildly hilarious sayings on them.  I was about to buy them when Dan looked at them and said, "Dude, you could totally do that."  Just like that, Dude, I totally did it!

I found permanent paint pens for writing on glass at the always well stocked Michaels.  Then bounced over to Ikea to grab a mess of mugs for $2.99 a piece.  Got home and started the creative process.  Sean and his boys love movie quotes and certain sayings.  I compiled a list of their largest offenders and then whittled it down to the best and most frequently used.  Sean is a huge fan of Anchor Man, Point Break, The Big Lebowski and Top Gun.  Enough Said.  

The paint pen was super easy to use and dried fairly quickly.  The trick is that after you write down your message that the mugs need to go into the oven at 375 and let them heat up with the oven.  Cook them for 30 minutes.  Once cooked turn off the oven and let them completely cool.  I did this in the evening right before I went to bed so I just turned the oven off and went to bed.  Then the next morning I got up and put them away before Sean could see my special surprise.  

For our upcoming farm wedding the girls are getting ready at the Roggenkamp farmhouse that is on the property.  The boys are getting ready at the Woody farmhouse on the neighbors property.  The dads will be up there so I also included a couple of mugs that I knew would tickle their funny bone.  So when the boys all go up to the Woodys they will find on the kitchen table all of the mugs with a bottle of liquor to kick off the good times.  


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