Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Revamped Sweater Ideas

I said revamped not tramped!  There are so many up-cycled sweater ideas but it often means cutting away a ton of material.  So I ask what is the point of a sweater if you are only covering an inch of skin? I am being totally hypocritical right now because I graduated from WAZZU and those halloween costumes were probably only 1-1/2 inches of material. However, let's talk about dressed up sweaters that are actually warm.  

Clothing exchanges are so much fun but often the sweaters get there because of shrinkage after washing.  Such is the case with this fabulous grey Gap sweater.  It reads medium but it is definitely a small after whatever it went through.  

You Can Barely See The Stitched Edge Used To Prevent Fray

To add a little give to the neckline I simply cut 5 inches down on the back side of the sweater.  Then I ran a straight stitch around the freshly cut edges to prevent the back from becoming unravelled.  

To create a closure for the cut neckline I stitched in a foot long piece of ribbon at the top of each side.  Tie a bow and it already looks adorable.  

Imagine this with a plaid button down shirt peaking out from the bottom.  So comfy during those cold winter nights while sipping hot toddies with the friends.  

What about a peter pan color?  Yes!  I measured from the center of the shoulder to the middle of the front collar.  This will give you length for how wide one side of the pattern needs to be.  

 I drew out the shape of the peter pan collar, which are like lop sided half circles, to the desired length and then added 1/2 inch seam to all edges.  

Flip right sides of the material together and then cut out two sets of the pattern pieces.  

One for the right side and one for the left.  With the right sides of the material still together stitch around the entire length of the collar leaving 2 inches open so you can flip the collar piece right side out.  

Once each pattern piece is right side out, press and sew the remaining section close.  Now you need ot attach the collar pieces to the neckline.  Sew each side of peter pan collar along the top of the sweater neckline, matching them perfectly even in the middle.  Now add a button and you are done!

Sweater number two.  I cut 5 inches down one shoulder then ran a zig zag stitch to prevent the sweater from fraying.  

Added a button and a few pieces of ribbon to the top so it can be closed with a bow.  

So quick and ridiculously easy to change the attitude of a sweater.  Yes, I said attitude!

Perhaps you could give your old sweaters a second look to re-imagine them with a few quick snips and stitches.  Happy Sweater Hunting.



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