Friday, October 11, 2013

Apple Harvest to Caramel Apples

The fall apple harvest is astounding this year!  My parents have a 20 year old apple tree on their farm that is just loaded.  

There is only so many apples that can be canned into apple sauce and pie fillings.

Halloween quickly approaching, apples are ready to harvest so let's make caramel apples!

I found a caramel apple recipe that had all pantry items like condensed milk, molasses, butter, corn syrup, salt and brown sugar.  Easy peasy.  Ha!

My dear friend Emily helped me with this super messy project.  A little not-so-secret, we used a pear that came off of one of the trees in my yard.  Just as delicious as the apples but what isn't with a caramel coating!

Oh yeah, caramel apples is not a kid friendly project.  Super dangerous because of the hot and sticky caramel.  Emily and I were so nervous with every stir just hoping we didn't get burned.  Actually it was more Emily because she was doing the hardest part of constantly stirring the cooking caramel.

We got the silly giggles when the caramel came off the stove.  You have to work super quickly to make sure the caramel adheres to the apple without cooling too much.  Also, if you are going to add sprinkles do it directly after dipping it in the caramel.  So delicious but so unforgiving.  

So yummy and incredibly easy to pawn them off on friends, family and neighbors.  



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