Friday, October 4, 2013

DIY Etched Glass Halloween Goblets-Pick Your Poison!

Pick your poison my pretty!  Fill in old witch cackle here!#!  What better way to kick off the Halloween season than with a little DIY etched glass project.  Halloween is my absolute most favorite holiday to decorate for!  I love all the witches, black cats, cauldrons and striking fall colors.

This year I just had to have poison goblets to toast during the spooky season.  The problem is that most halloween goblets are usually made out of light weight glass or plastic.  This girl needed something chunky, funky and fabulous.

These blue goblets were hiding in a Prineville, Oregon thrift store for only $4.00 for a set of 4.  Holy toledo, what an absolute steal.  I couldn't purchase these puppies quick enough.  Think Smeagol.

My girlfriend, Kristy had access to a machine to make custom stencils with the poisonous potions I was conjuring up.  She even had me pick my own font!  I went with Castle Black from the cavernous selection at  The stencils turned out so wildly spooktacular!!  Thanks Kristy!

I went with a glass etching cream to transfer the words permanently onto the goblets.  Etching creams creates a beautiful matte finish and is really easy to work with.

Etching Supplies-
Etching Cream-Craft Warehouse, $7.99 (my little cousin works there, stop in to say "hi" to Wyley)
Small Paint Brush
Rubber Gloves
Newspaper or old tablecloth
Protective Eyewear

The paper Kristy used has a sticky back so you just cut out around the stencils.  Peel off the desired pieces and place on the desired object.  I wanted the words to be etched and matte so I peeled the center of the words off.

I cut fairly close to the words so it was easier to place the sticker stencil on the glass.

Tips For Smooth Placement
*Cut close to the stencil so it has less material to cause ripples as it wraps around
* Start by adhering the middle of the stencil and working your way out on each side.  This will make it easier to keep the words level and reduced trapped air pockets
*Use a pair of tweezers to place the little center pieces of the letters.  Like the upper bubble on the "E"

Make sure to wear your gloves and protective eyewear before opening the etching cream!! Do not be a dummy like me by first shaking the container and then opening it.  The cream is thick so it caused a bubble at the bottom of the container that popped when I flipped it over and opened the top.  The cream went all over my arm and hand.  Ouch.

Paint on a thick coat of the etching cream.  Wait 5 minutes.  Run object under warm water until all of the etching cream washes away.

Can you see the matte finish?  I could hardly wait to rip that stencil off.



These goblets are ready to serve some deadly POTIONS this Halloween!  I can not stop showing people when they come over to the house.  All of Sean's guys are like, "Great Jess.  I can't wait for you to show me ALL of your crafts while I watch the game."  That is until Halloween and then they'll be like, "Dude, Jess, get those wicked goblets out so we can make Dark and Stormies while we try on our halloween costumes and tell spooky ghost stories together."  At least that is how is goes in my mind.



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