Tuesday, October 15, 2013

DIY Werewolf Halloween Painted Canvas

Halloween is all about witches and black kitties for this gal.  I love me the cute witch with the sweet little black kitten!  However, for the sake of variety I decided to add a werewolf to my decor this year.  

Werewolves just do not get that much publicity.  I looked around and there was only one werewolf item that I found at Home Goods.  Other than that it is all the usual suspects.  

Supply List-
Blank Stretched Canvas
Acrylic Paints-two shades of orange, yellow and black
Variety of paint brush sizes
Card Board for template
Letter Stencils

I first painted the entire canvas the lighter shade of orange.  Then I added a zig zag pattern with the darker colored orange from top to bottom.  As soon as the zig zag was dried I went back over the zig zag with the lighter orange brushing color on lightly for a little depth.  The I just smudged black around the edge for a border.

I love stencils but I used a mix of free hand and stencils for the phrase.  

I let the letters fully dry before working on the werewolf focal piece.  

Meanwhile the letters are drying I used the cardboard from a wheat thins box to sketch out the werewolf.  

Ooohhh Getting Creepy!

I then cut out the template using an exacto knife.  

Halfway through the project I switched up how I was going to transfer the image onto the canvas.  Instead of painting the shadow of the template I just outlined the image and then painted within the lines.  

The super fun part about this project was that I had absolutely no idea of what I was doing so the freedom of messing up was wonderful.  Nothing to compare whether I got it right or not.  Sometimes it is hard to listen to your gut instincts when you are following directions and lose out on the freedom of creativity. 

For me this was an absolute win.  I tried something new and loved the result.  The werewolf is super creepy and he is a super heavy traffic area in the home so now all I've been thinking about are werewolves and all the movies that I like watching with them in it, Van Helsing and Harry Potter.  

Feel like adding a little spookiness to your home?  Don't worry he isn't going to crawl out of the picture in the middle of the night, promise.  Something wicked this way comes.  



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