Friday, October 25, 2013

Fall Family Tradition

October to me is family time with my Morgan side. The last two weeks of October is usually reserved to be with them for our annual hunting trip in Goldendale, Washington. Making the time to be present, engaged and building memories brings quality of life to me. 

Everything went kind of crazy over the last 8 years between losing our great grandpa, cousins heading off to college and my parents moving to Alaska. However, the skies opened up to grant us the opportunity for most of us to go hunting together for just one day.  

Mr. Squirrel Jar did not join for the sake of watching the Portland Timbers. Oh boy did he miss out! I was chased by a coyote!  A coyote! It was a young coyote full of curiosity.  It turns out he was running away from my uncle who was brushing off to my left which put me right in the coyotes escape path. Nonetheless, he was really interested in me and followed me for a few minutes as I was slowly backing away.

My only thought at the end of the weekend was that I wouldn't trade that one day with the family, hiking through the woods, eating Swiss cake rolls and everything else unhealthy under the sun for a sporting event. When I am old and grey that one game will not have changed or enhanced my life, if I can even remember it!!  On the other hand I will never forget the voicemail my grandpa left me thanking me for joining everyone to be a family on such short notice.  There will come a day when our loved ones will not be able to tell us how much they loved being together. But that memory will be timeless. Wish I could have that moment on a charm for my bracelet. Though if everything is written, texted and photographed you will have nothing sacred for yourself. 

P.S. The pumpkin Halloween lantern is my friend Mary Lou's quick creation. Fantastically simple!



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