Friday, October 18, 2013

Halloween Chalkboard Ideas With Old Cupboard Doors

Chalkboards are perfect for OH SO many reasons.  First off for someone who constantly changes their mind, loves to make tons of task-master lists and decorates throughout most of the year a chalkboard or chalkboards are freaking nifty!  For the wedding we went to the awesome The Rebuilding Center here in Portland, Oregon for really inexpensive cupboard doors that we could turn into chalkboards.  

We picked up 4 super heavy, solid oak cupboard doors that already had a white frame around the outside to create an instantly clean border after the chalkboard paint was applied to the inside of the border.  The best part about purchasing the old doors at The Rebuilding Center was the price tag of $3 per door!

So here we are one month after the wedding and the chalkboards have gone from menu and directional signs to Halloween Greeting Signs!  

I couldn't resist the Hocus Pocus reference.  Who doesn't absolutely adore Better Midler in that movie!

There are so many fantastic spooky quotes to find online if you are coming up with a blank.  Involve your friends and kids to get creative.  There is no wrong answer as long as no one is wildly offended at what you write but even that is up for debate.  Some peoples humor is just off but if they are your friends they probably are well aware of your eccentricities so go for it!  



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