Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Halloween Mantel-Mix of Decor and Household Items

Thanks Emily for Making the Sign!

Holy Halloween!  The little kid inside of me just screams for candy corn, costumes, tricks and treats once the fall sets in.  

I love the orange, black, witches and fall decor so much that I built in two long shelves just so I could have more room to play around during the holidays.  

Oh Candy Corn, you delicious temptation!  All this candy corn was left over from the wedding so naturally it went straight to Halloween decoration.  That was a well thought out plan!

The little witch belonged to my grandma until she handed off her halloween decorations to my auntie Carla and I a few years ago.  I loved this little witch growing up so much because she had blond hair like me.

A little bit of spooky but more cutesy than anything.

That is my Nimbus 2000 that my mom picked up for me at Barn House Boys Vintage sale.  It is just perfect for Halloween.  I love to decorate with a healthy mix of everyday household items incorporated with the seasonal items.

Every year I tweak the decoration combinations from last year.  I will be completely honest.  I have no idea of what I am doing when it comes to putting together displays.  I have no skills and more often than not it absolutely shows.  What I will tell you is that I usually decorate on a Friday by dragging everything out and loosely arranging it like a rough draft.  I get so tired that I head off to bed and then wake up super early Saturday to completely rearrange after a good night's rest.  I know, I'm a freak!

When putting together a display I think in three height sizes, king, regular and snack.  Tallest size in back and then a mix of regular and snack size usually in groups of three.  

Crows just want to party!

I like the different textures and special zones created with a pumpkin collection showcased and encased by brightly colored tins and cloches.

An apple crate with a little harvest collection of corn, a squirrel, scarecrow and old cookie jar.  

Where does a witch lay her hat except on the top of a lamp after a hard day riding through the rain!

My little owls are all goodwill treasures that I just couldn't resist using for the fall season.  I just love Harry Potter so much so it tickles my fancy to think the big white one is Hedwig!

The orange Fiesta sugar and creamer were recent wedding gifts from my Grandma Judy.  How quickly they were put to work with the festive colors to create a zesty center piece for the farm house table.  

Happy Halloween Decorating!!



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