Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Haunted Black Forest Cake!

Growing up I would ask Mom to make a black forest cake for my birthday cake!  The two layers of chocolate cake and cherries just seemed so decadent.  To this day I still love a black forest cake and it remains such a simple yet absolutely scrumptious dessert!  Given the name is a pretty frightening delight I asked myself what better cake to bump up the seasonal fright!

Devil's food cake mix (+ oil (or proportional applesauce), water, eggs)
Canned pie cherries
Gummy worms
Peeps ghosts
Graham Crackers

I adore all of the super sugary recipes from Something Swanky.  There is everything from completely homemade recipes to the semi-homemade recipes that are awesome for people and families on the go!  I ran across her Black Forest cake recipe which looked OH MY GOODNESS absolutely delicious!   So I thought, Oh yeah, of course that would be great with a few gummy worms, graham cracker tombstones and ghosts.  

My good friend Emily helped me with this cake.  We started out by baking the devil's food cake in two pie rounds for the cake layers.  Then we went low key by just cutting off the top corners of the graham crackers to look like tombstones.  We thought about writing on them with black frosting but honestly it was a Friday night and we were plumb tuckered out after a week of our regular jobs.

We had the best of intentions of making the whip cream frosting but something went tragically wrong.  I don't know whether we added too much sugar, it got too warm or what the heck happened but our whip cream was quickly turned into BUTTER!  I kid you not but we went back to fluff up the whip cream and it only smoldered down to a super delicious sweet cream butter.  Fluffy one second and then butter the next.  What the heck!

Okay, let's roll with it.  We had to transport the cake which was going to be used for a neighborhood potluck the next night so we assembled it in a trifle dish.  This meant that the sides of the cake layers needed to be trimmed to fit in the trifle dish.  We were too stubborn to head to the store for more whip cream so we ended up fluffing the left over cake sides with a fork and sprinkled them on top, kind of representative of loose dirt.  

Then we added the creepy worms to crawl out of the surface of the ghostly graveyard.  

We tried to settle the ghosts in the dirt topping but they wouldn't stand up so we stuck toothpicks in the bottom of our ghastly pieces.  

I have to be honest, the whip cream frosting would have been so delicious but there are times you just have to ask yourself what is important.  We didn't feel like heading off to the grocery store at 8pm so you just have to come up with an acceptable alternative.  Emily and I were having such a fun and relaxing time just gabbing and cooking at her house that we valued that time of being together and calm versus being uptight about what the recipe dictated.  In the end, I say we won and we learned how to make butter!  Heck yeah!!



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